10 Beginner Tips And Tricks For Sonic Frontiers

Before you start playing Sonic Frontiers, you should think about these hints and tips.

Sonic Frontiers is a big game with lots of things to find, moves to unlock, and rails to grind. It’s fast and fun once you get used to how Sonic moves and how the different parts of the game work together.

It can be hard to know where to start when there is so much to do and so many collectibles to find. And while the game does a good job of getting you started, it also leaves you with a lot to figure out. So, if you want to get started right away and don’t mind a bit of background information before you start, here are ten tips to get you ready for the open frontier.

A Familiar Ring

If you’ve played Sonic games before, you know that the rings are like Sonic’s health bar. He will lose some of his rings if he gets hurt. If he gets hit while holding zero, the game is over, but you can pick up where you left off with the game.

You can also do a Ring Dash by clicking the left stick. This lets you move quickly through a line of rings. And if you have all the rings, your attack and speed will be boosted. So try to keep the maximum number of rings as often as possible, even if you’re just wandering through a safe area.

Cyloop, Cyloop, Cyloop

At the beginning of the game, Sonic will learn the Cyloop, which makes a trail behind him as he runs. By making a full circle with the Cyloop, you can make a blast that can be used in many different ways. For one thing, it’s a good attack that can hit a lot of enemies at once. Some armored enemies need to be Cylooped first before their defenses can be taken down.

You should also use it anywhere you see a blue glow, like on signs or suspicious trees or cacti in the environment, to find hidden items. And you can use it to make more rings any time. When you close a Cyloop, rings will come out, and sometimes rare items will come out as well. If you are fighting a boss and are running low on rings, just Cyloop a few times and it will be much harder for the enemy to ever beat you.

Keep Your Eyes Out For Koco

Koco are small, round creatures that can be found all over the islands of Sonic Frontiers. (They’re kind of like the Koroks in Breath of the Wild, but without their charm and laugh.) You should try to get as many as you can and bring them back to the Elder Koco. He will give you a boost to your speed or the number of rings you can wear at once as a reward.

Koko look like rocks and blend in with their surroundings, so you’ll need to keep a close eye out for them. They are usually hidden near interesting places, like portals, so be sure to look around and behind them when you find them.

Take Advantage of the Training Room

Sonic has a lot of moves, and you can only learn about some of them in the training room. When Sonic goes through a portal, the loading screen will put him in the training room and give him different challenges to do while he waits.

Take the time to finish these challenges, because they can teach you a lot about how to handle real-game situations. You can also use the skill tree to jump into the training room at any time to practice a certain move.

Find Places to Earn Skill Points Quickly

Air Trick should come first on the skill tree. It will help you get more skill points when you do tricks in the air. When Sonic jumps into the air in certain ways, like when he boosts off a slope or bounces off a glowing spring, blue sparks will flash around him. This means you can start moving the left stick to do tricks.

You can sort of get around this system if you can find a glowing spring that Sonic can jump off of and land about where he started. Just keep bouncing off it and doing as many tricks as you can, and you’ll get a lot more points than if you just killed enemies.

Use The Parry

The parry system in Sonic Frontiers is very good. There’s no timing involved, so Sonic just has to hold down both shoulder buttons to get into a special stance and block one enemy attack. When Sonic blocks an attack, the enemy is stunned and time slows down, giving Sonic a huge chance to strike back.

You might even have to parry some enemies in order to kill them. So, if Sonic’s normal moves aren’t working, let them attack first by holding down the parry buttons and see if that gives you a chance.

Defeat Guardians To Open Portals

Guardians are minibosses that Sonic will run into often. They are usually big and powerful. When you beat them, you’ll get the Portal Gears you need to open the Cyber Space stages. These are special areas where you can earn Vault Keys, which give you access to the Chaos Emeralds.

The Guardians are smartly made to match Sonic’s skills. And their battles are some of the best parts of Sonic Frontiers. Fighting them will help you get better at running up slopes, grinding rails, parrying, and other important skills. The first time you fight one, it can be hard to figure out how to beat it. Some of these battles can also be pretty hard. So you should repeat your Cyloops until your rings are full before taking them on.

Optimize The Camera, And Sonic Himself, In The Options Menu

Even though Sonic Frontiers has a lot of good features, the camera can be a problem. You can put the camera. Where you want it thanks to a long list of options in the Game Settings menu. For example, it’s often helpful to move the camera further back than it normally is, so you can see more of Sonic’s surroundings.

Frontiers also gives you a surprising number of ways to change how Sonic moves, some of which are almost like 8 Ball Pool game. The list goes on and on: starting speed, initial boost speed, top speed, turning radius, etc. So make sure to spend some time with all of the options in this menu to give you the most control and visibility over Sonic and his environment.

Don’t Get Greedy When Doing Combos

When an enemy’s defenses are down, Sonic can rush in and start attacking. Sonic has a lot of moves that go together well. But some of his strongest moves can also take the longest to do.

Overplaying your hand and getting caught right in front of the enemy. After they’ve recovered and can hit you back is a trap you don’t want to fall into. This can be hard to judge when the enemy is small and its attacks are harder to see. Even if you get hit, it’s not the end of the world because rings are usually easy to get back. But if an enemy is weak, you might want to give them time to retreat or block instead of attacking as long as you can.

Maximize the Vault Keys

One of the best parts of the game is the Cyber Space levels. Which pay creative tribute to Sonic’s other 2D and 3D adventures. If you finish the goals in these stages, you’ll get Vault Keys. If you do all of them, you’ll get a few extra Keys as a reward.

Since you get a big bonus for finishing all of a stage’s goals. It’s worth it to be a completionist on them. But you don’t have to finish all the goals in one run, and you probably shouldn’t try to. Focus on one task, like collecting things, and move through the game slowly. After you’re familiar with the course, you can put all of your attention on your pace and forget about everything else.

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