8 Best Ways To Get XP In Minecraft


There are a lot of ways to earn XP in Minecraft, but these are the most reliable.

In Minecraft, XP is almost a must. In Minecraft, players need XP to put Enchantments on their gear. This lets them improve their tools, armor, and general way of life. But getting XP isn’t always easy, and it can take a long time just to get a few levels when you could die and lose them at any corner or from a hissing Creeper.

There are a lot of different ways to get the most XP in Minecraft. In Minecraft, everyone gets XP, but there are different ways for builders, explorers, miners, adventurers, and others to get it. But there are only a few really good ways to get XP quickly in Minecraft.

Destroy Sculk

The deep dark biome can be found at the bottom of the new cave system in Minecraft. In this biome, you can find the dangerous Warden and a lot of interesting blocks. The Sculk, Sculk Catalyst, Sculk Sensors, and Sculk Shriekers blocks are all part of the Sculk family. These blocks are dangerous on their own, but when you destroy them, you get XP.

Players should be careful when they summon the Warden, though, because they will lose all that XP if an enemy mob that is almost impossible to stop finds them. But with a hoe, players can get rid of these Sculk blocks quickly and build their XP levels without any trouble.

Mob Farms

Mobs have always been a good way to get XP. In Minecraft, players will be able to fight bad creatures and sometimes take their stuff. Players can run around at night to find mobs, or they can use a lot of materials to build a “mob farm” that traps mobs in a loop of spawning and dying.

Players are very creative when it comes to making mob farms, which makes it easy to kill mobs for a near-infinite amount of XP. It works every time, as long as the player has the right materials or gets lucky and finds a mob spawner in a cave.

Villager Trading

Villager trade is helpful in and of itself. In Minecraft, players can make the best villager trades by choosing their roles. By doing this, players can trade and sell items they don’t need or can’t get to easily to earn emeralds and experience points.

With a nearby workstation and bed, players can trade their stock indefinitely for a tiny amount of experience with each transaction. This means that trading with villagers is a great way to get XP, since Minecraft players may have an endless supply of vegetables or other things to trade.

Mining Nether Quarts

Mining ores like coal and diamonds will give the player experience points, but Nether Quarts are the best way. Even though it may be hard to get to the Nether in the first place and scary because there are so many dangerous mobs in this strange dimension, it is well worth the trouble.

If players mine Nether Quarts, their XP levels will go up quickly. These effective blocks go almost everywhere, to the left, to the right, up, and down. Since Nether Quarts can come from almost anywhere, players can quickly level up in the Nether.

Breeding Animals

Animals are useful in the Minecraft world because they are cute and can give players meat. Also, when players breed animals, they get a good amount of XP. Even though it’s not the fastest or most effective way to level up, it’s always good to have a good supply of animals to eat.

If a player has a lot of, say, cows, they can get leather, which is one of the best sources of food in the game, as well as XP every time the cows breed and have a baby. It’s not the quickest way to get XP, but it sure is quiet.


Fishing has been a good way to level up in Minecraft for a long time. When a player’s fishing line gets tangled and they catch something, they get XP for whatever they caught. Fishing is a great way to get XP, whether you catch a fish, a book, or some rotting meat.

Fishing is a good way to get stronger in Minecraft because not only can it help players level up quickly and peacefully, but some of the loot they can pull out of the water is good for enchanting books and bows.

Killing The Ender Dragon

Killing the Ender Dragon is a great way to get a lot of XP, but you should save it for the end of Happy Wheels game. When the Ender Dragon is defeated, it will explode into a lot of experience orbs that the player can take in.

Even though it’s a pretty easy way to level up, depending on how hard and experienced the player is, it’s a long journey to resurrect the Ender Dragon and fight it again, so players might not even need the XP for this end-game content at this point.

Smelting Exploits

Putting raw ores or other things that need to be cooked in a smelter is a great way to get experience points. Cooking blocks like cobblestones is an easy way for players to get passive XP that works well. Or, if a player wants to get XP as quickly as possible, no matter how, there is an XP exploit in Minecraft Bedrock Edition that can be used.

Since update 1.19, if a player turns one ore into an ingot, they can use a full stack of the same ingot to replace that one ingot, and they can spam ‘A’ or ‘X’ to keep putting ingots into the smelter and get XP quickly. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get more XP, but it might not be the best for players who want to avoid exploits.

Minecraft can be played on PC, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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