Attendance Management with Field Force Management Software

Companies and managers are constantly struggling to record the authentic attendance of their employees, especially field employees. But it is constantly futile practice as they are doing so manually. Therefore, you need the attendance management solution of field force management software

The software easily automates the attendance marking and recording process for both employees and managers. Also, since its features and solutions are designed to monitor the field employees, there is no scope for data manipulation. 

What Are The Challenges With Field Employee Attendance?

A lot of challenges arise when it comes to marking ad recording attendance. The data has to be accurate as many other functions depend on it, like task allocation and payroll.

  • Time Consuming Process: Field Employees often complain about the extra effort and time they have to spend to travel to the office daily just to mark their attendance. It has a negative impact on their productivity as well.
  • Buddy Punching: Field employees often indulge in buddy punching when running late or absent on the field. The company suffers from a huge loss because of it.
  • Employee Arriving Early and Departing Early: Since the field employees work from the field, managers have no idea of the employees’ working hours.
  • Frequent Breaks by Employees: It’s common for field employees to slack while working because they don’t have anyone constantly monitoring them. They usually take extended lunch breaks or frequent bathroom breaks.

What is Field Force Management Software?

The field force management system is designed to closely monitor field employees in real time. Not only can managers monitor their employees, but they also gain the power to control field operations through the provided solutions. In addition, these solutions automate many tasks and functions, allowing field employees to be far more efficient and productive while working. 

How can Field Force Monitoring Software Help With Attendance?

The attendance management solution is great because it automates the entire attendance procedure, making it easy for employees and managers.

  • Geocoded Attendance: The solutions offer geocoded attendance, through which the presence of the employees gets marked only when they reach their first task location.
  • Remote Attendance: Employees using the software’s app can remotely mark their attendance eliminating their need to commute to the office daily.
  • Visual Attendance: Managers can ask for visual verification through the software. It marks each picture with the employee’s real time coordinates.
  • Leave Management: employees can remotely apply for leave as well. Managers using the software are provided with each employee’s pending requests, history, and upcoming leaves.

Automate Your Attendance Process with TrackoField

Suppose you, too, want to easily manage your field employees and record their authentic attendance without doing any extra work. In that case, you should invest in an efficient field force management system. It will provide you with authentic data and real-time information on your field employees and help you make sure that your employees are productive and efficient while working on the field.

TrackoField is a leading field force monitoring software offering an attendance automation solution that benefits your managers and employees.

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