Can police enter my garden?

The police can also enter a property to investigate suspicious activity, like a fire alarm going off or an accident.

When the police enter a home they must be able to give a reason for their action. They must say who they are and why they are in the home, whether or not they are armed, and whether they have a warrant. In England and Wales, it is a criminal offence to resist arrest. A person charged with an offence can ask to see a lawyer.

In Scotland, the police may enter a house to carry out duties connected to the prevention of crime. This may be called a ‘house-to-house’ visit. The police may also Weed Seeds UK conduct a’stop and search’ of someone when they believe there is a risk of evidence being lost or destroyed.

It is also a crime in England and Wales to steal a vehicle or drive it away without consent. Any person convicted of driving away a vehicle can be imprisoned for 6 months.

When the police search a home, they are usually looking for illegal drugs or firearms. In order to do this properly, they have to have a warrant. The police will make a list of all the items they want to take away when they search the house, so that they can make a record of what they have found.

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