China’s “Peace Proposal” on Ukraine-Russia War

Ukraine-Russia War

China has recently proposed a 12-point plan to end the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has now entered its second year. However, the proposal has received a mixed response, with many Western countries criticizing it for being biased in favor of Russia.

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Several of the measures in the proposal, such as a cease-fire, which would freeze Russian troops in place on Ukrainian territory, and an immediate end to sanctions not endorsed by the U.N. Security Council, offer clear benefits to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The United States and most European countries have rejected the plan, stating that it doesn’t adequately address the root cause of the conflict, which is Russia’s aggressive actions towards Ukraine.

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U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan emphasized that the war could end tomorrow if Russia withdrew its forces from Ukraine and stopped attacking the country. He also pointed out that the conflict was a war of choice by Putin, waged upon Ukraine, and not the other way around.

The U.N. resolution, which China abstained from, included a demand for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine’s territory. Germany’s Foreign Minister echoed this sentiment, stating that Russia must withdraw its troops, stop bombing, and return to the U.N. Charter.

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