Choosing the right Turnstile & Guard Tour system for your facility

Turnstile gate Singapore

The security of their building and the people utilizing it is one of the top issues for company owners. A Turnstile gate Singapore can be installed at the facility’s entry and exit points to help safeguard it from unwanted access.

When selecting the appropriate turnstile, keep the following things in mind:

Required Security Level:

The needed level of security will depend on the type of business. A waist-high or optical turnstile will do for a medium degree of protection. Full-height turnstiles or bullet-resistant security gates are suitable for high-security locations.

Turnstile installation:

Determine the precise necessity for erecting turnstiles. Think about if the turnstile will need to block entry for specific individuals, merely measure foot traffic, or do both. A combination of full-height turnstiles and low-level security gates will be effective.

Financial Resources:

Before deciding on turnstiles, consider their characteristics and operational requirements. The cost to install the desired turnstile should also be thoroughly evaluated.

Relationship to current access control devices:

Confirming that the turnstiles work with the building’s current access control system is crucial. Lower throughput and authentication issues will be caused by poor access device integration.

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Leveraging Patrol Guard Tour Systems for Optimal Effectiveness

The patrol guard tour system‘s duties need more than just using the business model. To make the process of securing the target with the cloud simpler, intelligent technology is required. Utilizing mobile technologies provide optimal service. The requirement for a surveillance system for guards and patrols.

The patrol guard tour system assists customers, and security service providers monitor their daily security operations, such as guarding properties, assets, or equipment. The system will keep track of the security guards’ patrol actions under the patrol plan and assist them in reporting any issues, events, or hazards they come across while on patrol.

The guard monitoring system increases security and dependability, promotes awareness, and offers enough proof in the event of an incident. As a consequence, security firms benefit from a more effective protection service, which raises the perceived value of security services in the eyes of clients, boosting competitiveness or increasing service prices.

What is the operation of an intelligent security patrol surveillance system?

An intelligent patrol guard tour system constantly works to gather and deliver crucial data that the security firm or their client needs to have to offer complete answers to the following questions:

  • How many targets are now under surveillance protection?
  • Are there enough personnel at each protection objective by the plan?
  • Are there any issues with each target for protection? Have these issues been repaired or solved?
  • Are security patrols conducted per the agreed-upon plans? 
  • Do security personnel fully adhere to their protective duties?
  • How can the security team’s overall patrol time be managed, and what are the problems with the security guards’ shift schedules?

All inquiries mentioned above are required for the best security service. As a result, most business professional security services deploy guard patrol monitoring to carry out their duty of protection. The Guard Patrol Monitoring System allows businesses to document the incident’s date, time, and location.

Take a photo of any suspected issues, note any information, and post an online alert to everyone involved. A monitoring solution will offer historical data on all previous patrol missions.

Performance of monitoring guard patrol information: 

During a guard patrol, information regarding its activities is captured and broadcast in real-time. It will give reliable information on all security patrol activities, including documenting issues and events, with real-time updated data.

The following duties are carried out during security patrol operations by security service companies using security patrol monitoring software:

  • Set up checkpoints and patrol posts at designated sites.
  • Establish the responsibilities and functions of each guard.
  • Define a precise patrol schedule for each security officer as well.
  • Please ensure the security personnel always follow the timetable they have been given.
  • Check the security guards’ whereabouts by knowing how long they will be there.
  • Establish the precise length of the guard patrol.

Using cloud technology to upgrade the security patrol monitoring system:

Systems for monitoring guard patrols may be categorized into two categories: traditional systems and systems based on mobile and cloud technologies. A customized patrol device (chip patrol device) serves as the foundation for the conventional guard patrol monitoring system.

Depressing buttons installed in various places assist security personnel while they carry out their patrols. These devices scan patrol sites from fixed locations and store the data from such patrols. The devices will record any incidents that arise during patrol actions, and the data will be stored for later retrieval and usage.

Selecting a cloud computing-based security patrol management system. And using a mobile phone is a wise choice if you want to boost efficiency immediately. Additionally, quality will be much improved. Customers receive more than they anticipate from a patrol guard tour service.

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