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Mosquito Pest Control Singapore

The summer season is around the corner and people have started packing their woollen clothes. Also, it is the season of the emergence of pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents, ants, termites, flies, etc., which grow rapidly in the summer season. Hence, it is necessary to prepare in advance to control pests’ growth in the house and keep safe the property. Among all the pests, mosquitoes grow actively in the summer season and many people get disturbed by the presence of mosquitoes in colonies at home. The mosquitoes emerge at dirty and wet places on the property.

Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading many harmful diseases such as Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika virus, etc. These diseases are curable, but they, are life taking too if do not get treated on time. Hence, it is necessary to control mosquitoes’ growth on the property and save lives. The better idea is to get mosquito pest control service from trusted pest control service agencies in the industry. 

Mosquito Pest Control Service in Singapore

You will find authorized pest control service firms in Singapore, which can help you remove pests in your property through effective methods, sprays, chemicals, etc. So, you can call any of the renowned pest control companies to remove pests effectively. If there are mosquitoes in your home in excess, you should apply for the best service for mosquito pest control in Singapore that involves easy removal of mosquitoes through standard methods. There are two standard procedures to kill mosquitoes such as:

  • Mosquitoes Fogging
  • Mosquitoes Fumigation 

Most agencies of mosquito pest control in Singapore do follow the above two standard methods to reduce the presence of mosquitoes on the property. Both methods are effective that work to kill mosquitoes or remove their colonies from the property. Let’s take a brief of both mosquito control methods as follows:

1. Mosquitoes Fogging Singapore

This type of mosquito removal technique involves the use of a quality pesticide (Aerosol), which gets filled in a mosquito spray machine and spray at the mosquito-affected area to kill them. In some cases, a hot vapour may be used to spray or get it airborne to spray for a long. The vapours or fumes of pesticides will spread in the air which will affect the mosquitoes effectively. To keep the effect of pesticides, you should not defog the fumes in the air till mosquitoes get killed completely. More fogging in the air will impact more on mosquitoes. 

You can apply for this mosquito fogging Singapore service at the top pest control agencies in the city-state at affordable charges. It is recommended to get this service from a licensed pest control service firm in Singapore. Make sure, the agency has trained mosquito removal experts who have good practice to use pesticides adequately for the removal process of mosquitoes on the property. Also, mosquito removal experts should wear hand gloves and masks on the mouth while mixing and spraying pesticides. All in all, they have to follow all precautionary steps while performing mosquito fogging methods to eliminate them.  

2. Mosquito Fumigation in Singapore

It is another significant mosquito pest control method, which also involves the use of the fogging machine which gets filled with strong pesticides that need to spray in form of fumes at the mosquito-affected areas in the property. This sort of method is also applicable to removing varied types of insects like flies and honey bees. Some commonly used pesticides in this mosquito fumigation method are named Organophosphate insecticide, Synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, etofenprox, pyrethrins, resmethrin, and more. The experts do use all these standard-type pesticides to develop fumes that will work well to eliminate mosquitoes. 

The pesticide handlers should take care of pesticides during this mosquito fumigation process and ensure the whole process goes safely without any hazards. 

You can get all the above two mosquito pest control Singapore services from trusted pest control service agencies. But, you need to make some efforts to find a genuine pest control agency amongst the glut. Here are some relevant points to check before getting services from any pest control agency in Singapore:

  • You should take the service of a licensed pest control service company in Singapore, which is authorized and has a good service track record and reputation in the industry. 
  • Take a look at online reviews, clients’ feedback, and the types of services offered by the pest control agency in Singapore. 
  • The pest control agency should have experienced pest control experts who specialize in all types of pest removal works. Make sure, they are aware of all standard methods, pesticides, and their safe uses to eliminate pests without affecting human health. 
  • Make sure, the pest control experts at the agency do follow standard safety norms while performing pest control activities. They should wear face masks, and hand gloves, and use other safety products that are necessary for to safe spraying of pesticides in the affected areas. 
  • Finally, you should compare the service charges of pest control services in Singapore and choose the best agency which rates reasonably for the same. 

You should acknowledge all the above points before getting services from any pest control service firm in Singapore. 

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