Honda CD 110 Dream: A Budget-Friendly Bike for Your Daily Commute

Honda CD 110 Dream

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable motorcycle for your daily commute, the Honda CD 110 Dream might be just what you need. Bikes under 90,000 INR, this bike offers a smooth ride, decent fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Honda CD 110 Dream and explore its features, performance, and overall value for money.

Design and Style

The Honda CD 110 Dream has a simple and functional design that is well-suited for commuting. It features a basic fuel tank with stylish graphics, a comfortable seat, and a compact tail section. The bike also has a long wheelbase and high ground clearance, which helps to provide stability and agility on Indian roads.

The CD 110 Dream is available in four color options – black with red stripes, black with blue stripes, black with grey stripes, and red with grey stripes. The graphics are minimal and tasteful, adding a touch of sportiness to the overall design.

Engine and Performance

Powering the Honda CD 110 Dream is a 109.51cc air-cooled engine that produces 8.67 bhp of power at 7,500 rpm and 9.30 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. The engine is mated to a 4-speed gearbox with a rotary gear shift pattern. While the power figures may not be impressive on paper, the bike offers adequate acceleration and can easily reach a top speed of around 85 km/h.

The engine is smooth and refined, and the bike offers good low-end torque, making it easy to ride in city traffic. The CD 110 Dream also features Honda’s patented HET (Honda Eco Technology) that helps to optimize fuel efficiency. The bike has a claimed mileage of 74 km/l, making it one of the most fuel-efficient bikes in its segment.

Suspension and Brakes

The Honda CD 110 Dream features telescopic front forks and twin shock absorbers at the rear. The suspension is tuned for a comfortable ride, and the bike can handle bumps and potholes with ease. The bike also has a strong and stable chassis that inspires confidence while riding.

The CD 110 Dream has drum brakes at both the front and rear, with Honda’s CBS (Combi-Brake System) technology. CBS helps to distribute braking force between the front and rear wheels, providing more stable and effective braking. While the bike lacks disc brakes, the drum brakes offer good stopping power and are adequate for daily commuting.

Features and Convenience

The Honda CD 110 Dream comes with a range of features and conveniences that make it a practical choice for daily commuting. The bike has a spacious and comfortable seat, with a grab rail for the pillion rider. The bike also has a long and wide footboard, which allows for easy leg movement and provides additional storage space.

The CD 110 Dream also has a modern instrument cluster with a digital odometer, trip meter, and fuel gauge. The bike also features an engine start-stop switch, which helps to save fuel and reduce emissions. Other features include tubeless tires, a maintenance-free battery, and a side stand indicator.

Value for Money

The Honda CD 110 Dream is priced at around 65,000 – 75,000 INR, making it one of the most affordable bikes in its segment. Despite its low price, the bike offers good build quality, reliability, and fuel efficiency. The low maintenance costs and good resale value further add to the bike’s overall value for money.


The Honda CD 110 Dream competes with other budget-friendly bikes in the Indian market, such as the Hero Splendor Plus ,Bajaj Platina 100, TVS Sport, and the Yamaha Saluto RX. While all these bikes offer similar features and performance, the CD 110 Dream stands out with its superior fuel efficiency and Honda’s reputation for reliability.


The Honda CD 110 Dream is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable bike for their daily commute. The bike offers good performance, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs, making it a practical and value-for-money option. While it may lack some of the features and style of more expensive bikes, the CD 110 Dream delivers where it counts the most – in providing a smooth and hassle-free ride. If you are in the market for a budget-friendly bike, the Honda CD 110 Dream is definitely worth considering.

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