How Car Panel Repairers can make your car Look as Good as New?

Car Panel Beaters

The development of means of transportation has drastically changed with time. Traveling from one place to another, especially in a structured schedule has become more of a necessity. Needless to say, people have thereby started to heavily rely on personal modes of transportation, irrespective of the far and wide availability of public transport. However, with the ownership of one’s vehicle, comes the responsibility of its maintenance. Due to regular and rough usage on the road, the requirement for car panel beaters become more sought after by regular mechanics. 

What Is The Major Difference Between Car Panel Beaters And Car Mechanics?

Repairs/Maintenance are of widely two categories; one requires external, or body repairs and the other requires internal or engine repairs. People who specialize in the former category are often termed Car Panel Beaters while the ones specializing in the latter are termed Car Mechanics. The main role of Panel Beaters is to focus on repairing body disfiguration in vehicles. This includes the manual removal of dents and scratches on the car’s body. It also requires the fixing of any exterior part such as car doors, car locks, side mirrors, paint overlay, paint coverups, and many, more. However, if someone is a car mechanic, they are trained in repairing or maintaining the engine, the airflow system, gears, clutches, and so on. It is generally recommended to follow a healthy maintenance cycle of both internal and external parts; to safeguard yourself from any long-term harm. 

What Is The Most Popular Service Offered By Car Panel Beaters?

Smash repairs, who are also known as Car Panel repairers are widely known for the service termed Paintless Dent Removal. PDR or Paintless Dent Repair can be described as the process of the erasing or the removal of minuscule or small dents that appear on the surface of vehicles due to regular usage. The Paint Dent Repair procedure has been proven to be beneficial in a varied and long list of surface repairs. The only requirement for PDR is that the body or the surface on which the paint is brushed remains in a single piece. It is good to go on both aluminum and steel bodies of vehicles. 

Different Techniques Of Paintless Dent Removal

A Car Panel Beater uses various tools and methods for a paintless dent removal, below is a list of the most effective and widely used methods:

Pressure Method

The prominent method of processing Dent removal is the pressure method. This is usually the process that is followed for larger dents and hollow spots. This entails the car panel beaters putting the required amount of measured force on the undersurface of the car panel. The pressure is to be applied right on the opposite side of the dents so that they bulge out to take up their initial place before the dent occurred. The process in general requires the use of tools such as large car body picks or metal rods shaped in a certain way.

Fine Tuning

The second most prominent method is fine-tuning. This requires the technician or the smash repair to figure out the presence of small bumps on the upper and outer surfaces of the cars. Once the high bump spots are marked and recognized, the technicians go in with the hammering technique. The method is controlled and soft hammering that soothes out small high bumps or spots that appear on the body of the car. This after the process enables a much smoother surface and look. The process of hammering is done so minutely that it merges with the paint texture. 

Paint Crack Removal

 Another method used by smash-repairers is paint crack removal. As the name suggests, the technicians have in their control to remove cracks or chips that occur on the surface of your vehicles. The process mainly uses the focus of heat to make the lines of cracks and chips disappear. However, this is also a method not recommended by the technicians as cars that have got a re-painting job done on them, run a higher risk of developing paint chipping and cracking. 

Tips To Choose A Smash-Repairer

Cars are a valuable asset to their owner; one would always want to choose a mechanic that completes the work to provide nothing short of finesse. Thereby, here are a few tips to help one choose:


The best foolproof method is to confirm that the chosen smash-repairer has a qualification or certification, that is required to follow the job role. 


In the field of automobile repair, reputation goes a long way. Always be sure to go for someone who has got a good reputation with previous customers. This guarantees a seamless experience.


The quotation survey is a must if one is on the hunt for a technician. It is suggested to go for someone who has a more direct and detailed laid-out quote. This confirms that there are no hidden charges, and you are also able to check out the charge breakdown. 


It is recommended to always go forth with a technician who can meet the deadline of needing the vehicle back. 

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, car panel beaters play an essential role in the automotive industry by preparing and restoring damaged vehicles to their original condition.

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