How to download videos from twitter for pc, Andriod, iphone and ipad

How to download videos from twitter for pc, Andriod, iphone and ipad

While exploring Twitter on a regular basis to learn about events that interest you throughout the world, you may come across videos that pique your interest and wish to download them to your computer or smartphone to share with relatives or friends who do not have a Twitter account.

Don’t worry; regardless of the tool you choose to explore Twitter, you can quickly save any video you wish to post later on social media or through various chat apps.

How to download Twitter videos to your computer or smartphone:

With Twitter Video Downloader, you can easily download Twitter videos as the two pages work the same way. To use twitter video download , follow these steps:

  1. Copy the direct link to the tweet containing the video.
  2. Open the site, and then paste the link into the empty text box.
  3. Click download.
  4. The site will ask you to choose from three different accuracy options and choose the one that suits you best.
  5. Click the “Download” button next to the file size you want to save, and the clip download will start automatically.

Second: How to download Twitter videos on Android:

By following these instructions, you can quickly and effortlessly download your desired Twitter videos and GIFs to your Android phone using the (Download Twitter Videos) app:

1. In the Twitter app, tap the share button next to the video you want to download.

2. Hit the “Share tweet through” button.

3.Choose the app (download Twitter videos).

4.Click the “Download” button within the app.

5. Choose the video resolution you want.

6. Choose “Save”.

How to download videos on iPhone and iPad:

To utilise the (Shortcuts) app to make custom shortcuts to your phone’s apps and download Twitter videos, first install the app on your phone, which is free for iPhone and iPad users in the app store.

1. Open the (Settings) app on your iPhone or iPad once it has been installed.

2. Under the settings menu, select (Shortcuts).

3. Change the Enable untrusted shortcuts key.

4. Tap this link on your iPad or iPhone.

5. Click (Get Shortcut) (Get Shortcut).

6. Go to the bottom of the screen and press the Add Untrusted Shortcut button.

7. Launch the Twitter app and navigate to the Tweet containing the video you wish to save.

8. Hit the Share button.

9. Click in the settings menu (Twitter Video Downloader V2.6).

10. The tool will begin to function, and after a few seconds, you will be asked whether you want the video in good, medium, or poor quality.

11. Choose your preferred option and then let the app handle the rest.

12. When you’re finished, open the app and look for the video you just downloaded.

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