The Role of an HR in Organizational Improvement

HR support in the UK

HR or human resources is a person or a group of people who form a department in a business and are responsible for managing the total work cycle of all employees. The HR department plays a considerable role in a company’s growth and is often referred to as one of the most important departments in a company.

Periodic organizational development is important for all companies and HR support in UK play a huge role in achieving that. So what exactly is organizational development? It is an approach that is based on a set of objectives made for the development of an organization by bringing an overall change in its system and working operations. An HR can greatly contribute to organizational development with the help of strategic thinking and a calculative approach to properly manage everyone in an organization.

For organizational development, HR will have to suggest an organizational structure that works best for a concerned organization, its workers, and its stakeholders to the leaders after properly evaluating all possible structures. They will also have to constantly seek out top talents that will help in the growth of the organization. Similarly, they will also have to encourage the existing workers of the company to develop new skills and improve their talents for both the organization’s and the worker’s benefits. 

HR  is often referred to as the lifeblood of a company because they have the ability to promote organizational development by focusing on the data and research that can help them in making a better approach toward the process of overall development.  

What are the responsibilities of an HR?

An efficient HR department possesses the ability to improve the structure of an organization while helping it in the process of meeting the needs of a business by properly managing one of the driving forces of a company, its employees. There are many responsibilities and duties that come with the role of HR. Some of the responsibilities are listed below.

  • Talent management – There are many tasks in an organization that cannot be done without the help of HR, and talent management is one such task. This responsibility is divided into many sections like recruiting employees, making the right choice while hiring and training them properly while encouraging existing employees into learning new skills. HR actively focuses on workplace planning, employee management, and providing the right tools to the employees of the company for their development. These tools include proper training, orientation processes, and managerial training. If a company doesn’t have a skilled HR department then they can take the help of the companies that provide HR support in the UK.
  • Ensuring employee satisfaction – It is very important for companies to keep their employees satisfied with their job roles, which is why the departments for HR support in UK work efficiently for keeping all their employees happy, motivated, and satisfied at all times. HR department comes up with different benefit plans like special holidays, development budgets, leaves, and tour nuggets for keeping them happy. HR accommodates the needs of an employee for increasing their motivation, satisfaction, and productivity.
  • HR Compliance – One of the critical responsibilities of the HR department is to take care of the legal compliance of a company. All the employees of a company should be aware of the laws regarding employment and labor, and it is the duty of the HR department to make them aware of these complex laws in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Moreover, it is their duty to keep the company out of any trouble regarding federal, state, and local laws. The HR compliance team of a company should have a good understanding of the employment laws in order to help the company to avoid any situation where the employee requires to file any claim of discrimination or hazardous conditions. An HR compliance team of a company is heavily involved with working in collaboration with other HR individuals for developing company policies that are part of an employee or worker handbook.

How can an HR help in managing workplace safety?

Managing workplace health and safety is one of the main responsibilities of the HR department. Because safety is very important for a corporate setup where individuals spend 8-10 hours of their day.

Every company aims to provide a safe space for its employees because they are the driving force of a company. Every person who works in a company as a health and safety consultant in Scotland efficiently manages the workplace with the aim to provide a safe working environment for each and every worker.

A huge responsibility of an HR is to develop and support safety training and management programs in order to ensure the worker’s safety. The health and safety consultant in Scotland understands that workplace safety cannot exist only on guidelines and policies, rather it is based on how well the employees both in the management and the factory floor communicate about safety standards. This is why they also encourage people to talk openly about any stress related to their work, they help in maintaining a healthy state of mental health. Thus it can be said that the HR department plays a crucial role in managing the health and safety of a workplace.

Final thoughts

The HR support in UK plays a huge role in linking staff members and upper management by solving all the problems at work, ensuring compliance with employment laws, and collaborating with executives on long-term strategic planning. HR departments have the ability to contribute to organizational development. There are many aspects of HR including hiring, talent management, and staff management, which is why they are also referred to as the lifeblood of the organization.

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