United News Of India (UNI) To Launch English News Channel

United News of India (UNI) is set to launch its English news channel this week, as the country’s largest media conglomerate looks to take on rivals such as Times Now and NDTV 24×7. Launching with a team of 30 journalists from its Hindi news channel, UNI English will cover a range of topics from politics and business to culture and sport. Speaking about the launch, UNI CEO Prannoy Roy said: “The English language is the global language and our goal is to provide our viewers around the world with the latest Indian news in English.” Roy has been quoted as saying that while his company has been successful in Hindi, it feels “a sense of responsibility” to offer an English-language news service to reflect India’s rising status on the world stage. With a reach of over 1 billion people, UNI English will be a major player in the Indian media landscape. Watch this space for updates on its launch and coverage of topical issues in India.

UNI to launch English News Channel

United News of India (UNI) is all set to launch an English news channel in the coming days. The new channel will be dedicated to providing comprehensive, real-time coverage of international and national news. The new channel will also focus on creating a conversational environment for its viewers.

The new channel will be broadcast through the internet, television and smart devices. UNI President & CEO Gauri Sawant said that the aim of the new channel is to provide a “one-stop platform” for its viewers to access latest news from across the world. “We are excited to launch our English news channel which will not only serve as an important source of information for our global audience but also help us create a more engaging conversation with them,” Sawant added.

The new English news channel is expected to commence operations by end-March 2018.

What is UNI?

United News of India (UNI) is a 24-hour English news channel launched on 1st October, 2009. The channel is part of the All India Radio Ltd.(AIR) group. The channel is headquartered in Mumbai and reaches over 150 million households in India through its terrestrial, cable and satellite platforms.

The channel has a bureau in Washington D.C., which was inaugurated by Union Home Minister P Chidambaram in March 2013. The aim of the bureau is to provide comprehensive coverage of international events impacting India, as well as interact with American officials on issues relating to trade and investment, terrorism, energy security and defense cooperation.

UNI also has bureaus in London, Beijing and New Delhi.

How will the English News Channel be different from the other UNI channels?

The English News Channel will be different from the other UNI channels in terms of content. The channel will focus on delivering news and current affairs in an engaging, easy-to-watch format. In addition to news, the channel will also feature documentaries, feature films and lifestyle programmes.

When will the English News Channel be launched?

United News Of India (UNI) is all set to launch an English news channel with a focus on covering current affairs in the country. The channel, which will be made available across all platforms, will be led by former editor-in-chief of Tehelka magazine Shoma Chaudhury and will have a team of seasoned journalists.

The English news channel has been in the making for over two years now and has been birthed out of the need for a more nuanced and comprehensive coverage of national issues. “There are various layers of discussion that need to happen around current affairs where only certain sections of society can engage in them. We want to broaden that base and also bring in voices from other parts of the country,” said Chaudhury.

With elections round the corner, it’s clear that there is a lot on the agenda for the new English news channel. Coverage will range from politics, economy, international relations and environment to name a few. The aim is to provide an outlet that provides an alternate perspective on events and allows people from all walks of life to participate in discussions around important national topics.


UNI is set to launch its English news channel later this year, and it looks as though the broadcaster is gearing up for a battle with India Today Media Group (ITMG). The new channel, which will be anchored by former BBC journalist Rohini Singh, will be focused on covering global news in a more comprehensive way. With so many channels vying for viewers’ attention, it will be interesting to see how UNI fares in the competitive market.

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