Why Should You Buy a .com Domain? Why it is The Best TLD?

Why Should You Buy a .com Domain? Why it is The Best TLD

Choosing the right domain is very important for your business’s strong online presence. It not only serves as your website address to the users, but it is also an essential part of building a powerful brand image. When it comes to credibility, .com Domain Name is king.

.com is used by all kinds of businesses. No matter whether your business is just started or comes under top business, .com is essential for strong brand value. If you look closely at all kinds of big businesses Buy a .com Domain Name. From Food Industry to Media Industry, IT Firms, Hotels, and Hospitality industries all use the .com domain name.

.com Domain Name: How Much it is Popular?

As per the report of Statista, 52.8% of internet use the .com domain followed by .org 4.4% and .ru 4.2%. .com Domain users are way higher than all other TLDs.

To understand in a better way, as per the reports of Verisign over 161.3 million users registered a .com Domain Name in the first quarter of 2022. The number of .com Domain Registration in 2022 is 8 times higher than .cn (china) domain name. 

The .com domain represents a business entity, as it stands for commercial. .com domain is very popular in a variety of sectors also. As per the Data provider report, over 33% of content publications use the .com domain. While 24% of businesses, 2 % of e-commerce, and 8% of other users use the .com domain.

These reports define how much business love .com Domain and why it is the best investment. From a technical perspective, .com is not different from other domains. All work the same. But from a branding standpoint, it is way better than all other TLDs. let’s understand why you should Buy a .com domain and what are the benefits of it.

Benefits of Using .com Domain Name

Benefits of Using .com Domain Name

As we mentioned earlier, there is no technical difference between using the .com domain rather than other TLDs. But there are some real benefits that need to be pointed out. So you can easily understand why business Buy a .com Domain and how it can be helpful for your business. Let’s understand the benefits of it.

.com Domain is More Trustworthy

There are many peoples who believe that all business website addresses end with .com Domain. There are many surveys point out that over 70% of users trust the .com extension over other extensions. Since it is old and well-known, users trust the most on the .com domain.       

.com Domain Make Your Website More Authoritative

Over the years .com Domain extension build a strong reputation. For many people, it is simply defined that a website can be trusted. For example many business use .xyz or .fun. It sounds gimmicky to many users. That’s why Business Buy a .Com Domain enhances the authoritativeness of the website.. 

.com Domain is Short And Easy to Remember

Most of your favorite websites end with .com Domain. Users are so familiar with the .com extension, so they believe every business use it. It is easy and users saw it thousand times, it’s already in their minds. .Com is easier to remember and it is short also.

Do Using .com Domain Name Improve Your Website Rankings?

This is where opinions are divided. Many users believe that using the .com domain improves your website ranking. While some believe it doesn’t. No one can be 100% sure about it. Search engine like google never discloses how the algorithm works. It is a mystery for everyone. Rankings are dependent on numerous factors, that are being changed and updated on regular basis. 

Many times Google prefers .com Domain sites over other TLD sites. Using the .com extension is the safest way to rank high. It helps you to target an audience worldwide. ccTLD helps you to target an audience of a particular country while .com helps you to reach a larger audience.  In some cases not using the .com domain can hurt your rankings. So it’s better if you register a .com domain name.

Why .com Domain is Better Than Other Top TLDs?

Why .com Domain is Better Than Other Top TLDs?

You know how much .com Domain is important for the business and how it can affect your business website rankings. There are many reports that display how much .com Domain is popular. But you must be thinking about why .com is better than other TLDs like .org, .net, and .io. You can clearly understand through some reports. Growthbadger experiments on 1500 people and come up with some exciting data.  Here are the key things they find.

Which Domain is More Memorable- .com vs .org, .Net, .io, and Other Domain Name

The first key factor is domain memorability. The Growthbadger report simply explains which Extension is more likely to remember by the people. 

  • .com Domain Name– 44%
  • .co Domain- 33%
  • .org- 32%
  • .us- 29%
  • .net-25%
  • .blog- 24%
  • .io- 28%
  • .biz- 31%

Here it is, .com Domain comes on the top. 44% of people remember the .com domain followed by .co 33%, .org 32%, .us 23%, and other TLDs.

Which Domain Extension People Trusted The Most; .com vs .org, .Net, .io, and Other Domain Name

A trusted domain name gets more likes and shares. It helps users to build a brand. 8 Top Domains are tested and here are the results (rankings are out of 5)

  • .com Domain Name– 3.5
  • .co Domain- 3.4
  • .org- 3.3
  • .us- 3.3
  • .net-3.2
  • .blog- 3.2
  • .io- 3.0
  • .biz- 2.9

As you can see this report defines that peoples trust the .com domain over any other domains.

Which Top-Level Domain is Used Incorrectly- .com vs .org, .Net, .io, and Other Domain Name

It is the last key point but the most interesting one. This is a very exciting report. When people remember the URL correctly but use the wrong domain extension.  For example, the correct URL is Slideshare(.)net but users remembered it as Slideshare(.)com.

This happens frequently with users. They imagine that reputed websites end with a .com domain. They use .com many times instead of actual. Let’s understand the data.

  • .com Domain Name– 57
  • .co Domain- 9
  • .org- 15
  • .us- 9
  • .net-12
  • .blog- 7
  • .io- 6
  • .biz- 9

Again .com goes too far.  When the user is not sure about the Extension they are more likely to use .com. It is 3.8 times higher than .org, which comes second.

All you can .com domain have to reputation among all the users, that it is used by default.

From Hostbillo, You Can Buy a .com Domain at Lowest Price

Now I believe you understand why .com Domain is king. and Why businesses Buy a .com Domain in the first place. You can get the Best Web Hosting Solution and Domain Registration at a cheap price from Hostbillo. The company is well recognized and trusted domain provider. 

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There are thousands of Domain extension are available, but still .com Domain top every time. In this article, we discuss why Businesses Buy a .com Domain over other TLDs. one of the core reasons to get a .com domain is to Rank higher in SERP Rankings and builds a strong online presence. 

You can get a cheap .com Domain from Hostbillo with the best benefits. The company offers the best security features like SSL certificate and Domain Lock security with one click activation setup and professional email address. 

Hostbillo is the best provider for you if you want to Buy a .com Domain at a cheap price. You can know more about the company on the official website.

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